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It's on like Ping Pong! Serve it, smash it, win it, in this simple to learn, but difficult to master Ping Pong game where Plants paddle each other for pong supremacy. Get ready to soil your plants as you challenge 18 unique and increasingly difficult opponents.

When you're ready, take your skills online and battle real people around the world!

• Tap left or right depending on where the ball bounces
• Tap and hold to charge your shot
• Time your taps to return different types of ball hits
• Each Plant has different weaknesses. Pay attention and destroy your competition!

• Simple to learn, difficult to master controls
• Play online against people around the world
• Challenge 18 unique AI opponents
• Cute voxel graphics
• Colorful backgrounds and animated Plants

Ping Pong Plants Title
Grape vs Daisy
Banana vs Fig
Eggplant vs Brick Wall
Avocado vs Watermelon
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